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World peace

World peace and Harmony: World is now a very small place and impact of any disturbance in one place may create problems in other. Maintaining peace and developing peaceful surroundings is a duty of every world citizen. India has lot to give to the world. Our Buddhism has practical demonstrations that how a peaceful mind can create peaceful and creative world without hatred. The thought process of “Bhavtu Sabb Mangalam” Means May all be happy, prosperous and at peace. In other words, May every one become happy. This friendly thought is the inner voice of soul. The principles of Buddha are reflections of Bhagvat Gita preaching that advocate the truth of Body and soul relationship. It depicts the relationship of how senses and desire impact on our actions in real life. Detachment never means renunciation or sage living. Rather it’s the viewpoint where we can be a observer of our own desires and how our desires function. The viewpoint gives practical demonstration on -How too much obsession to our body and other belongings creates disturbances in our actions and working. All thoughts are born first in the subconscious then the conscious and then they become physical things. Example, One who thinks of eating a pizza, goes to the restaurant based on his convenience and eats a pizza. So, the instinct of hunger or entertainment is first born in our mind due to some previous experience and related hormone secretion. This again is analysed by brain and ultimately decided to convert the thought into actions. Just imagine how many thoughts we have from morning to evening. If we control our thoughts and even before that senses then ultimately we control our actions. If everyone on the planet controls his her desires and moulds them to a constructive environment, then we have a very beautiful place to live on earth. One free and everyone is free. All thoughts carry a vibration and intensity of energy. Positive vibes and energy results into beautiful creation and happy world. Inaction is also result of no thought mind. A mind with no thoughts is much better than negative thought. What we speak is the reflection of our thought process and subconscious. So, if we control the way we treat a seed, we also have better harvest. Better the quality of seed results in fruitful and disease free tree. We spend huge in managing a tree than a seed. So better manage the seed. The seed of good thought in fertile mind will bring prosperity to the world. Truth, Nonviolence, creativity, all preachings of the Great people have been the result of these seeds sown in fertile minds.

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