We undertake waterproofing services for water leakages from terraces, bathroom, basement and others.

Our Waterproofing Method:

Our waterproofing method is one of the most advanced waterproofing technique which prevents and repairs the terrace base from water leakage. The method consists of 3 fine coatings of Waterseal’s Protective Chemical along with White cement which stops the water leakage as well as strengthens the surface. The Waterproof coating after application of 3 fine coats gives thickness of about 1.0mm- 1.5mm on the surface , thus it does not increases much weight over the surface.

The most advantage of our coating procedure is that we don’t just treat the surface by applying coatings on it but our chemical treatment in 1st layer goes inside the terrace cracks and fills the gaps in the slab of terrace , thus making the treatment more and more effective and Waterproof for years.

Work Details:

  •  Cleaning the surface.
  •  Washing the surface by High Pressure washer to make the Surface dust free ( if required)
  •  Applying 1st Coat of Waterseal’s Silicone Polymers + White cement via stick broom .
  • Applying 2nd Coat of (Waterseal’s Silicone Polymers + White Cement) in definite proportion Applied via Sprayer.
  •  Applying 3rd Coat of (Waterseal’s Silicone Polymers + White Cement) in definite proportion Applied via Sprayer.

Estimated Time For Completing Work :

  • Approx 2-3 Days will be required for completing the work.
  •  For total Drying and Curing of surface after work, would require 24Hours(Meanwhile after completion of the waterproofing work , the Surface cannot be used for 2 to 3 Days).

Rate Per Sq.Ft Rs 35/-


  • All rates are inclusive of materials, labour charge & all other the taxes applicable.
  • Payment can be made in cash or cheque.  The cheque to written in the Name of the company: Panchtatva Enterprises.
  • 50 % Amount Advance and Remaining 50% after the completion of work.
  • Water & Electricity and space for storing the material shall be provided by you.
  • Actual Quantity of Work will be measured at the Time of Working.
  • Any extra work will be charged as per our rates.
  • Any other miscellaneous works to be charged separately.

Guarantee: This waterproofing system is guaranteed for 2 years. This Waterproofing system is a combination of different type of high quality Cement Base Chemicals Coating. During the guarantee period in case of any complaint same will be rectified free of cost.

In case of any queries feel free to Call us at: 9898373261.