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Swagat herbal B12


Swagat Vitamin B12

Product Description

Unique, Natural vitamin like Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) ,Vitamin D3,Vitamin B2,Iron ,Calcium, Citrus Bioflavonoids, plant flavonoids , Niacin, and Flavones.Strengthens mind, Body and vital organs.

Benefits & improve of vitamin b12

Weakness, tiredness, body pain , back pain, muscular pain ,fatigue ,male and females infertility, chronic pain , muscular swelling ,light headache , indigestion , constipation , gastritis , Mental problems , memory loss ,anemia , depression , nerves problems , insomnia , formation of red blood cells.

Vitamin D3

Very strong antioxidant , autoimmune , modulator , reduces risk of multiple sclerosis , heart attack , aging process , bone fracture , diabetes , prostate , thyroid , rheumatoid-arthritis , Alzheimer, cancer, parkinson’s , maintains heart of bone and teeth supports function of lung , brain and cardiovascular system


Extract of fruits , flavones , leaves , bark, seeds , and roots of some heathy divine plants that helps to boost immune system and fights and protects against cancer , diabetes , allergy, Improves body metabolism.

Product Indications

      • Helps Maintain Energy Levels
      • Prevents Memory Loss and Lowers Risk of Neurodegenerative Disease
      • Boosts Mood and Helps the Nervous System to Properly Function
      • Plays a Role in Maintaining Heart Health
      • Needed for Healthy Skin and Hair
      • Aids in Digestion
      • Needed for a Healthy Pregnancy
      • May Help Prevent Cancer

Product Details:

      • 30 Vegetarian capsules
      • 100% natural
      • 100% vegetarian
      • No side effects
      • GMP certified

Store in a cool and dry place Keep away from direct sunlight Do not refrigerate


    • Initially 1 capsule twice a daily

Additional information

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