Swagat Flavons


Swagat Flavons male infertility 30 tablets



Swagat Flavons 30 Tablets

Product Description

A new and revolutionary 100% natural and ayurvedic Natural product to treat rejuvenates the male reproductive system Ingredients used in flavones are natural unique , rare, precious and never used before anyone and no side effect like chemical-synthetic products like Viagra Falvones capsule contains extract of more then 100 years old plant , and the extract is extracted by special super critical extraction process to save the activity of the ingredients.

Low Sperm Count is  a Gift Of Modern Life Style ,Junk Food ,Stress ,Competition Polluted Environment, We At SWAGAT HERBALS , Developed Very Unique And Promising product to combat the low sperm count problem, our product increases sperm count as well as healthy sperm within one to three month required for fertility the product are truly natural, free from heavy metal like pb, hg, as

Avoid : tobacco , alcohol and junk food During treatment

Mode of action : this is a gift of mother nature which is rare, precious and not in knowledge of many people – but it works works and works beyond our imagination

Product Indications

      • Useful in Oligospermia
      • Useful in Azoospermia
      • Increases sperm count Increases count of healthy and motile sperm
      • Improve stamina Vigour and stimulates sexual desire
      • Boost sexual desire
      • Prologs erectile period
      • Helps in erectile dysfunction
      • Cure premature ejaculation

      Product Details:

    • 30 Vegetarian capsules
    • 100% natural
    • 100% vegetarian
    • No side effects
    • GMP certified


    • 2 Capsule at bed time with milk or water