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“Paneer Ka Phool” is also known as Rennet, Withania Coagulans, Paneer Doda/ Dodi, etc.It is a kind of Indian flower very effective to control diabetes. You can continue it with your medicines. Your sugar level will down in just one month. After sometime your medicines will be reduce & you will be able to eat sweets.Count your sugar and Cholestrol level before beginning of the course.
Count after 10 days, 20 days and 30 days. You will see what difference it is making.

How to use:. You have to put 8-10 pieces of flower in a glass of water for the whole night. In the morning squeeze the flower & filter & have it, It’s taste is not so good but effective. Regular use will give you the best result. many people already taking benefit from it.

Diet Management is common as all diabetic patients.
Firstly you try 5 Paneer ke Fool (Withania Coagulans) and see the action on the individual patient then you can increase upto 10-15 or decrease.
But not give daily, in my opinion, only 3 to 5 days in a month regularly then stop it (Paneer ke Fool). Then start at next month.

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