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Nirvana and Mukti

I is very insignificant. Who am I? Who knows Who am I? I don’t know Who am I? If some says this is Mr. M than that is the body of Mr.M. What about Soul within. If I am Mr. M and I was this and that. Then, I am not that what you saw. I am not the previous moment. I am not who I was. I am constantly changing. You know that all our body cells and tissues change in almost 5 years. So, again I am not who I was 5 years ago. Am I what I was one year ago? Answer is no. Since, I am changing all day and night. I am taking new breath, new food daily building new blood, new muscles and I am all changing. So, I am not what I was. So who I am? Again if I am changing day in and out. I am not the same person. Irrespective of what clothes I wear or what I possess. If I am not who I was, so all my possessions are also not mine. So, Who I am? I am in the very minuscule micro second. Even there I am changing very microscopically. If take out a bucket of water from river which is flowing and try to recollect the same water again, your attempt would be waste. The water you collected was part of the flowing stream. It’s gone now. Now, its new stream. So, again we are not what we were. We are also not what we would be. Because, what I, you or we would be is a question no one can answer. We must know our self first. Who we are? At present I am breathing and I am in the breath. If the breath stops, body stops changing. So, I am called deceased. But am I deceased? For a single moment can you imagine what about our possessions and belongings without we ourselves. I can, We will cling to them. We won’t leave them. This is because the strings that connect us to all our possessions are inside our thought. Our mann has got all the knots within. I cannot live without mann or without thought. When I sleep, I leave all and go to sleep, the moment I awake, I am with all my belongings and immediately my mind starts recollecting all the thought process. Its like a computer switched on with all the programs in RAM and hard disk. So, we behave likewise. There is a power, a force and energy that forces us to live. The energy is transferred from outside. Its derived from water, food, thoughts and all that’s necessary for body living. The transferred energy is in the form or education, memory, learnings and experiences. If we have to attain the Nirvana, we have to release our self from these acquired energy from outside. If we want to connect with the cosmic and supernatural energies which are “Anadi” and “Sanatan”, we have to tune our mental receiver i.e. Mann to that frequency. We cannot receive any cosmic without deleting the instances, effects of all energy within and our experiences also called “The Karmic Sanskars”. In depth, these experiences are not from single birth or single body that we possess. We have been carrying these sanskaras since long. What we get in life is the reflection of our past wishes and material possessions in our last incarnations. It’s not removing the I from our dictionary and talks that would solve the purpose. We have to attain the state of mind which is thoughtless and there is no sanskars left. Here we attain Nirvana or Mukti in true sense.

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