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Nature vs man

Man is too poor as compared to Nature. Man fights for property, water, food, money and creates borders. Still, in this age when science has unfolded many mysteries of the Universe, We live devided in our own country, own state, own city, own town, own buildings or villages in our own cast and creed. What our forefather scientists discovered has completely lost its meaning. We, the earth are miniscule dot in the universe. Still, we have all our worldly possession egos. The creator of this universe is beyond the scope of our imagination. Our forefathers taught us about the almighty who created us. And search those souls that created the Universe. What we got tangled into? This is mine, this is yours, politics, money, business, super calculations and forgot that nature’s mathematics is beyond our computers and calculators. The size of earth vs. the biggest planet Jupiter, the Sun, the Universe and our galaxy is just a dot in the picture. So we live here with pride. Still not even found other planet as a substitute to this life. So, what we can do? Atleast conserve this earth nature! that is in our hand. So let’s do it.

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