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Experiencing deep silence

In those deep silent moments when there is nothing but breath and the pain and bliss of cracking bones and spine and the feeling as if something is accumulating, gathering and then just blasting to release calm and soothing vibrations of peace. The thought screen still goes and the observation and feelings goes on. In the deep silence I see I am with me. When I feel the numbness in my ankles and cross legs, I just try to send the flow towards it to make it active and it just awakens out of numbness. The vibrations in the back are like wave of DC current or like physiotherapy tense sensations given artificially. Its natural tense from within that’s coming out of releasing of innumerable karmas accumulated so far. When it tries to rise above giving out some feeling of energy and relaxed outer it feels like the smoke within is going up or it’s evaporating. It just spreads across and there seems no end to the sensations that drive me to invent more and more of self, the innermost. Once I saw, the craving still goes on. Conscious or the unconscious whomsoever saw it is invisible and the sensations still persist that may be the “Karma” as they call it. But they are impermanent or “Anitya”. Nityadarshan (feeling the permanent within) seems too far.   I am writing this not to boast of my achievements or just getting some rewards.  It just for those who have some eagerness to attain the bliss. It’s the glimpse for those who are just feeling the boredom or anxiety out of abundance and “MAYA”. It’s for those who are finding what next.  It’s for those who just can’t relax in the race towards earning riches and finding and earning what alexander was unable to achieve.  It’s for all if they feel like. This will definitely motivate them to experience the bliss within.  I am just sharing but the feelings just can’t be explained.  You have to experience.  And it’s not overnight journey, its path to make your roaring subconscious to deep silence. Converting the dense, thick ice within to cool streaming water.   For some, this ice may seem like Rock or diamond that can’t be broken, but it eventually melts.  And when it melts, you feel the flow of streams within, tender springs and cool silent “DHARA”. -Bhavtu Sabb Mangalam ( May all be happy)

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