Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

We understand that we are obliged to the society and nature for whatever we earn.  For that we have been undertaking different CSR initiatives for the community.

  1. Social forestry:  Every year in the month of June, July and August, we undertake plantations in identified places.   We also take people suggestions for this.  The cost of planting one tree is around INR 20-30 (including all costs).  We also employ people for this cause.
  2. De-addiction: We organize marathon race every year during winters for spreading health awareness and promoting de-addiction.  We also do related canvassing via advertisements.  We also conduct camps in selected locations for de-addiction.  Our director himself has motivated and influence innumerable people for leaving smoking and other addictions.
  3. Poverty alleviation: We undertake sustainable livelihood initiatives and provide training to rural and semi-urban poor people.  We also provide free food and clothing to people for their needs.  We hire institutes doing such activities on a contractual basis.
  4. Education: Our team is undertaking rural training sessions for child education and enabling poor people with the latest technologies.
  5.  Feed old men, children and poor destitute people.
  6. Creating awareness, influence people about meditations and organising meditation camps.

For any suggestions please email with subject line “CSR feedback” on : info@5tatva.com

For Online Donations, Please select from below mentioned denominations and donate.

(all receipts available on request.  A drop in the ocean will also serve the purpose for the needy)