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spiritual enlightenment

I am sharing some of my learnings/ experiences from Meditations. Gautam Budhha, having origins in India, gave world the teaching the path to relieve oneself from the never ending birth-death Cycle. The path of Nirvana. How to relieve ourselves from desires and control our senses. To Identify our subconcious and purify inner deep impreasions on our soul and character. He gave world the path towards relieving ourselves from Miseries. What are miseries? are just our thoughts? are they imaginations? or really physical and practical matter. Whatever would be your miseries, they are related to your past experiences or worriea of future. Yes you have aome physical pain or craving in present. But, if we learn the detachment technique, i.e. observing our body neutrally, from inside out, what we see is we are just observer and if we practice this we are just a observer and not part of any sufferrings or cravings. We see different body sensetions getting released from our body or evaporating, we see they wer due to our long lasting habits of attachment or Hatred. We are attached to good feelings out of our sensations and respond by hate to our bad feelings or sensations. If we just observe and bear the pain. The pain becomes less and doesn’t aggravate. Eveeything is temporary as we see the world and so the body and so the related feelings and conditions. Nothing is Permanent. Not even your sorrows and worries. ANITYABhavna.. Bhavtu sabb Mangalam.

If you think you are in problem, and see the homeless beggar sleeping besides road side, you realize you are better off. We usually compare and if that comparision is the root of our unhappiness then rethink. You are just on road towards destination, someone ahead and someone lagging.But what of you observe all, even yoiuself, you may fond wrong and unjustified chase. You may find what for this run and achieving for what we do not have. The Kings build big forts, fought with enemies to prevent their possessions, weather won or lost, history noted but ultimately they died. Hardly they enjoyed one bed, one wife, one dress and one dish at a time. Even than never satiated. They had to leave eveything and leave. So, Our possessions, companies, homes, etc. may last for more time but our life is limited. If we develop unsatisfying habits and character, we are creating one more birth for ourself. But if we live undetached and renounce ourselves, We are living but not creating new Karmas. If we observe the micro feelings and sensations and know their nature of being temporary, we can never indulge. Sufferings are our a result of our Karmas, that we have to bear. We may reduce it but not avoid it. Our response to these sufferings further creates new sufferings. So, to stop them just be an observer, they will vanish. Since Natures law is nothing is permanent. Not even our body. All our cells change after some years. This body is like an apparel we got to leave. So, remaining detached will give us that understanding not to develop habits and sanskars that may prevail in our next incarnations. Our hatred or attachment impressions from relationships may get printed in our brains and soul to so deeper extent that they become a part of our next life. And its never ending suffering. If we see an ant crawling we must analyze that this minuscule creature has got only one sense and it’s journey to Humans with six senses is too far. We are already at a level where we have an option to react or not. Animals have no option but follow their instincts and suffer their birth. We may ascend or descend the hierarchy, its our choice.

How we attain spiritual Enlightenment? the Ultimate goal of mankind. If we want to drink purest water, we have to pass water through different layers of filters. It can be done naturally as it is done by our earth, or we do it scientifically using water purifiers. Similarly, how we can purify our souls. First we have to be physically fit and free from all addictions. Being physically fit is a prerequisite for starting the journey. Its’ not impossible for those who are not physically fit, but the body pain may hinder the spiritual realizations. We are usually body conscious all the time. It means we usually pay attention to what is happening with our body all the time. We are also concerned about cravings from our senses. Now, to divert this focus to soul is little difficult in the initial phase. Since, Soul is not apparently visible like any body part. Its’ just in our imaginations from what we have read, heard or have been taught. The same case is with our God figure. We have seen lot of statues, paintings, scriptures, read lot of description about god since our childhood. All these have created deep impressions on our subconscious. Now, how we know these impressions, for that, We have to make our body and mind quite.

We have to sit in a very quite environment, where there is least outside world disturbance in the form of noise or action. We have to maintain one steady posture like the padma aasna or any other relaxing posture. Close our eyes, ears and be silent. We have to start observing. We observe our own mind, our own body, our thoughts and most important our breath. Breath is what we have till our death and its just life. Without that there is no life in body. Or you are living when breathing and dead for the moment you are not breathing. So, Wind up yourself to the present moment. What you have is only your breath in the moment. Everything else is past of future. Your all thoughts are a result of knowledge acquired in the past. All your success and failure, pain and agony is related to past, future or your attachments. Your first attachment is body and mind, then the worldly possessions like clothes, car, cellphone, home, office, relatives and so on. You will observe your mind (the mann) going everywhere except observing the breath and the silence. It will start thinking all. So, be silent. Silent your thoughts. But, not by force. Just by observing. Once you observe your breath, you see more and more thoughts come as an obstruction in the process. So, keep focus.

Increase your frequency of breath, just to concentrate. When you do it for more time, more than one hour, your body gets stiff. Still you observe. If you are determined and ignore the pain the body and practice. Slowly slowly day by day you will get nearer to your subconscious. If you develop daily discipline of practice, one day you will see your Soul. The Light within your body. You will feel totally detached when you see the Diamond within you. Its’ not any imagination, Its’ from my own personal experience. You see your powerhouse. You see that body is not attached with the soul. It’s only we, our thoughts, our attachments that have created all these. We have created our sorrows, we have created our feelings and related sensations. So, its not theory, its practice. Practice and experience is the best teacher. Hope you get the path to experience the light within. If you develop the power source within, you can see other power sources, all the supernatural bodies and ultimately the supreme soul, the God. It’s not by imaginations, it’s by continuous practice, may be bhakti yoga, dhyan yoga, karma yoga or Gyan yog. Our objective is to reach the ultimate.

For a spiritual seeker every thought, word and action is an opportunity to choose between spreading peace or violence. Unfortunately in our busy, modern lives all of us are causing ripples of harm to wider society, animals and the environment, often without even realising. But ignorance is not bliss for those who suffer because of us. If we are to sincerely tread on the noble path of Ahimsa (nonviolence) we must find the time to reflect, the humility to think of others before ourselves, and the resolve to make practical changes in our lives. After all ahimsa is not a passive movement to live and let live, but an active commitment to live and love. Thankfully we are not alone. As a community we can help each other by raising awareness of societal and environmental issues, and by suggesting practical ideas for a more compassionate lifestyle. “Maitri Moves” is a new series that highlights a different issue each time, to inform and inspire. Issues will include animal welfare, ethical shopping, mental health, water conservation and climate change.

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Nature vs man

Man is too poor as compared to Nature. Man fights for property, water, food, money and creates borders. Still, in this age when science has unfolded many mysteries of the Universe, We live devided in our own country, own state, own city, own town, own buildings or villages in our own cast and creed. What our forefather scientists discovered has completely lost its meaning. We, the earth are miniscule dot in the universe. Still, we have all our worldly possession egos. The creator of this universe is beyond the scope of our imagination. Our forefathers taught us about the almighty who created us. And search those souls that created the Universe. What we got tangled into? This is mine, this is yours, politics, money, business, super calculations and forgot that nature’s mathematics is beyond our computers and calculators. The size of earth vs. the biggest planet Jupiter, the Sun, the Universe and our galaxy is just a dot in the picture. So we live here with pride. Still not even found other planet as a substitute to this life. So, what we can do? Atleast conserve this earth nature! that is in our hand. So let’s do it.

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World peace

World peace and Harmony: World is now a very small place and impact of any disturbance in one place may create problems in other. Maintaining peace and developing peaceful surroundings is a duty of every world citizen. India has lot to give to the world. Our Buddhism has practical demonstrations that how a peaceful mind can create peaceful and creative world without hatred. The thought process of “Bhavtu Sabb Mangalam” Means May all be happy, prosperous and at peace. In other words, May every one become happy. This friendly thought is the inner voice of soul. The principles of Buddha are reflections of Bhagvat Gita preaching that advocate the truth of Body and soul relationship. It depicts the relationship of how senses and desire impact on our actions in real life. Detachment never means renunciation or sage living. Rather it’s the viewpoint where we can be a observer of our own desires and how our desires function. The viewpoint gives practical demonstration on -How too much obsession to our body and other belongings creates disturbances in our actions and working. All thoughts are born first in the subconscious then the conscious and then they become physical things. Example, One who thinks of eating a pizza, goes to the restaurant based on his convenience and eats a pizza. So, the instinct of hunger or entertainment is first born in our mind due to some previous experience and related hormone secretion. This again is analysed by brain and ultimately decided to convert the thought into actions. Just imagine how many thoughts we have from morning to evening. If we control our thoughts and even before that senses then ultimately we control our actions. If everyone on the planet controls his her desires and moulds them to a constructive environment, then we have a very beautiful place to live on earth. One free and everyone is free. All thoughts carry a vibration and intensity of energy. Positive vibes and energy results into beautiful creation and happy world. Inaction is also result of no thought mind. A mind with no thoughts is much better than negative thought. What we speak is the reflection of our thought process and subconscious. So, if we control the way we treat a seed, we also have better harvest. Better the quality of seed results in fruitful and disease free tree. We spend huge in managing a tree than a seed. So better manage the seed. The seed of good thought in fertile mind will bring prosperity to the world. Truth, Nonviolence, creativity, all preachings of the Great people have been the result of these seeds sown in fertile minds.

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Nirvana and Mukti

I is very insignificant. Who am I? Who knows Who am I? I don’t know Who am I? If some says this is Mr. M than that is the body of Mr.M. What about Soul within. If I am Mr. M and I was this and that. Then, I am not that what you saw. I am not the previous moment. I am not who I was. I am constantly changing. You know that all our body cells and tissues change in almost 5 years. So, again I am not who I was 5 years ago. Am I what I was one year ago? Answer is no. Since, I am changing all day and night. I am taking new breath, new food daily building new blood, new muscles and I am all changing. So, I am not what I was. So who I am? Again if I am changing day in and out. I am not the same person. Irrespective of what clothes I wear or what I possess. If I am not who I was, so all my possessions are also not mine. So, Who I am? I am in the very minuscule micro second. Even there I am changing very microscopically. If take out a bucket of water from river which is flowing and try to recollect the same water again, your attempt would be waste. The water you collected was part of the flowing stream. It’s gone now. Now, its new stream. So, again we are not what we were. We are also not what we would be. Because, what I, you or we would be is a question no one can answer. We must know our self first. Who we are? At present I am breathing and I am in the breath. If the breath stops, body stops changing. So, I am called deceased. But am I deceased? For a single moment can you imagine what about our possessions and belongings without we ourselves. I can, We will cling to them. We won’t leave them. This is because the strings that connect us to all our possessions are inside our thought. Our mann has got all the knots within. I cannot live without mann or without thought. When I sleep, I leave all and go to sleep, the moment I awake, I am with all my belongings and immediately my mind starts recollecting all the thought process. Its like a computer switched on with all the programs in RAM and hard disk. So, we behave likewise. There is a power, a force and energy that forces us to live. The energy is transferred from outside. Its derived from water, food, thoughts and all that’s necessary for body living. The transferred energy is in the form or education, memory, learnings and experiences. If we have to attain the Nirvana, we have to release our self from these acquired energy from outside. If we want to connect with the cosmic and supernatural energies which are “Anadi” and “Sanatan”, we have to tune our mental receiver i.e. Mann to that frequency. We cannot receive any cosmic without deleting the instances, effects of all energy within and our experiences also called “The Karmic Sanskars”. In depth, these experiences are not from single birth or single body that we possess. We have been carrying these sanskaras since long. What we get in life is the reflection of our past wishes and material possessions in our last incarnations. It’s not removing the I from our dictionary and talks that would solve the purpose. We have to attain the state of mind which is thoughtless and there is no sanskars left. Here we attain Nirvana or Mukti in true sense.